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Create comms reports that engage the ultimate PR budget holders.

Releasd is an online platform for communications agencies and in-house teams looking to create reports that demonstrate the value of PR to non-PR people.

Those decision makers allocate funds according to the value that each function provides to their business. Sales. Marketing. IT. Legal. Finance. The list goes on. It’s a battle.

Releasd enables the comms function to put across its case in the most compelling way possible.

CoverageShare the outputs

Showcase an unlimited amount of print, online and broadcast coverage. Embed live Tweets and other social media activities. Highlight key quotes that support the narrative. No more screenshotting, copying and pasting. No more scrolling through endless slides.

ContentDemystify the PR process

Press releases. Galleries of images. Video content. Event maps. Countdown clocks. Tell the story behind the work. Show where the money was spent. Build excitement and support for the communications function.

ContextDemonstrate the outcomes

Outline the objectives. Discuss the approach taken. Summarise the relevant results and their impact on the business. Bring key facts and figures to life, at a glance. Embed documents for a deeper dive. Convince them that PR is indispensable to their business.


“I know for a fact that our reports are shared with executive level personnel”

Jump, 5-person PR Agency

Kate Ford, Managing Partner
Jump, 5-person PR Agency


“Since using Releasd, we are getting a lot more engagement from executives.”

Jump, 5-person PR Agency

Dani Filer, Global Comms Director

No technical expertise required

Releasd can be mastered in just ten minutes. With its unique user interface, it’s so quick and easy to use that our clients say that they’ve reduced reporting time by 66%.

Builder video

Simply drag and drop

Grab a widget from the tool bar and drop it onto the page.

No more huge attachments

Share a private link by email or via your intranet.

Works on any device

Pages can be viewed on any device or browser.

Ready to move beyond the coverage report?

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Build client loyalty and grow budgets.

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Increase the influence of the comms function.